M. A. Vizsolyi

"the mice that live at night in our kitchen
observe each other in the dark & what
they see is closer to our love than any word" 

                                                                                                                                  FROM THE LAMP WITH WINGS: LOVE SONNETS


"Vizsolyi writes in the voice of the wounded and the wondrous, reminding us that passion is the fruit of suffering one’s desire.”

              — Eliza Rotterman, ZOLAND POETRY


"If you’re reading M. A. Vizsolyi’s love sonnets, I might suggest putting on a bowler hat...His surreal anacoluthons follow one another so closely, so insistently, each poem is a tumbling game where syntax and language easily fall into various complementary meanings." 

                — Kent Shaw, THE RUMPUS


"Vizsolyi injects new blood into the dramatic monologue, and his case studies navigate the obscurities of self with such Romantic abandon as our age may abide."

                 — BOMB 






IMage by bianca stone